The Art House Factory: Compact living reimagined

Cemintel’s SimpleLine cladding provides the perfect canvas for artist’s compact living vision. Award-winning building designer and artist, Kylie Mitchell from The Art House Factory, has combined her love of modern art and sustainable compact design to introduce the Dog and Bear compact home.

Each compact series from The Art House Factory is a unique creation, uniting bespoke visual art principles with clever designs to maximise the owner’s intended use of the space, whether it is a home, office, guesthouse or dream holiday getaway.

“I’ve always been fascinated by compact design, but often felt frustrated by the lack of design consideration, both visually and in practical terms,” says Ms Mitchell.

According to Ms Mitchell, what makes the Dog and Bear different from the rest is that The Art House Factory provides floorplans to suit the different needs and personality types of potential owners.

“The Dog and Bear prototype is about putting owners in control of the space they will live or work in with the option to customise as much or as little as they choose,” continues Ms Mitchell.           

“From bathrooms to bookshelves, high-end kitchens to hardwood verandas, we supply most furniture to suit each customer’s personal preferences,” continues Ms Mitchell.

The Dog and Bear can be customised by choosing from three different roof lines, various combinations of interior fit-outs and eight unique colour palettes to create a compact home that is truly one of a kind.

For The Art House Factory, breaking the boring traditional pre-fabricated mould meant choosing quality, smart building materials that can easily adapt to each customer’s vision.

“The experience most people have with factory made homes is that they are cheap and impersonal. We wanted to offer something that would truly feel different, without breaking the bank,” adds Mitchell.

Modern, versatile and simple to install, Cemintel’s SimpleLine cladding is used both externally and internally in the Dog and Bear.

“In a compact home, space is always at a premium. SimpleLine is the perfect choice because it has strong, clean edges that provide an express panel look, without taking up too much wall space,” says Mitchell.

As the cladding is made from fibre cement, it also provides the ideal surface for Mitchell’s innovative artistic additions.

“Fibre cement is a terrific substrate to paint on. Customers can choose from one of the eight Dog and Bear colour options, or work with myself and the team to design their own colour palette. We can even create one-of-a-kind murals on the external walls thanks to the SimpleLine panels,” says Mitchell.

Each Dog and Bear design starts with a site visit to determine that the building can be safely delivered and installed. Owners can then start the exciting process of designing their dream compact space.

Product selection again plays a key role when it comes to constructing each design.

“Using Cemintel and other quality finishes means we can create bespoke designs that can be built in the factory in just 10-12 weeks,” says Mitchell.

SimpleLine cladding is quick to install and requires little to no maintenance.

“Quality is always key, these unique compact homes and their bespoke colours and designs are made to stand the test of time,” concludes Ms Mitchell.