Cemintel on The Block 2020

Written by Deb Saunders 


It’s no secret that Aussies love a weatherboard facade. Anything from cottage, to coastal and contemporary, is possible with the perfect selection of boards. 

To see 5 Block houses side by side using the same brand of product yet all looking so beautiful and unique is exciting and got me digging for more information! 

Cemintel has recently released an incredible new fibre cement weatherboard range called the Street Style Collection. The Block Heads have all managed to create beautiful facades that pay homage to each house and its particular character and style using different products from the range.

There are so many great combinations of colour and board styles to add your own unique flair and bring your home to life. The Cemintel fibre cement boards don’t shrink, swell or crack. They are easier to maintain than timber boards and hold paint for much longer making them a brilliant choice for any home. 


The Houses


1920’s HOUSE 1  - Harry & Tash - Scarborough 

A striking white on white exterior is beautifully complemented by the clean lines of Scarborough Boards. I love this. It’s very eye-catching and makes me want my own charming Scarborough clad white cottage! The timber fretwork enhances the facade and that arch window is a standout. Overall, I think this is a stunning look. Soft, subtle luxury. Who wouldn’t want to spend time pottering in this yard? 

1940’s HOUSE 2 - Sarah & George - Headland

Sarah and George have successfully combined the Headland board which is a more traditional choice with a feature brick to create a varied look with texture and interesting detail. The placement of the tree by the window, the lovely front door and the grand entrance make this home look very impressive. They have used several different finishes here which could have been difficult to do but I think that they have tied it all together beautifully.

1930’s House 3 - Daniel & Jade - Balmoral

The Balmoral weatherboard makes an impact here and is a modern take on a classic style of weatherboard. It has a perfect grain which is very forgiving, hiding any imperfections. Balmoral is versatile and can be used across many styles. I think it looks very eye catching on Daniel and Jades house with the beautiful shadow line it creates. The light grey exterior colour and deeper trims are beautiful. A beautiful welcoming entrance. 

1910’s  House 4 - Luke & Jasmine - Scarborough

Luke & Jas have used Scarborough, it has a ship lapped profile with top boards overlapping the ones below to create a continuous flow. Their home has elements of traditional and modern design. I think Jas and Luke have created a superb exterior that is cohesive with their interior.

1950’s House 5 - Jimmy & Tam - Balmoral and Edge

Jimmy and Tam are so good at infusing every one of their spaces with their own unique style. Their choice of Balmoral and Edge together really suits their house. With Balmoral offering the strong shadow lines and Edge cladding a sharp vertical v-groove as seen at the top of the house, it’s a great combination of two eye catching styles of weatherboard.


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