Exploring the Surround Collection - Video Series

Exploring the Surround Collection is the story behind the design, development and evolution of Cemintel’s Surround range, and one we thought worth sharing.

Working with our design collaboration partner and industry professional, Kathy Demos, we discuss the range’s origin and the themes that drove the philosophy behind it, the naming convention, and also how you can work with some of the new highlight colours. It’s raw and it’s real.

We hope you enjoy Exploring the Surround Collection ...

Episode 1: Face Forward, Patchwork & Water - in this opening episode we revisit Face Forward and discuss the ongoing themes of 'Patchwork' and Water'.

Episode 2: The Story of ISH - how the naming for the Surround core palette colours came about and why these colours form the foundations for colour scheming.


Episode 3: The Palette And How It Works - Aero - we start to work with colour on a design project, using Aero and neutrals to explore what can be achieved.

Episode 4: The Palette And How It Works - Truss Grey & Quinta - a palette designed for a project - interiors and exteriors - that includes two new Surround colours.


Episode 5: Working with other materials - In this episode we look at combining other materials with the Surround palette on a Melbourne design project.

Episode 6: Integrating materials - In this episode we look at integrating materials, in particular terracotta colours and tones.


Episode 7: An unexpected colour - Mete - we look at the colour palette further and how it works, this time with something a little unexpected.

Episode 8: The Palette And How It Works – Black, White & Maya - sophisticated colours with something different.


Episode 9: It’s a wrap - we wrap things up with a look at the entire Surround Palette.



This Collection takes Surround to a new level. Five neutral ‘ISH’ colours in five textures. A range of 16 secondary colours that allow architects, designers and builders to work with colour in ways that are both idiosyncratic and accessible.