Face Forward - the elements that influenced Surround

A building’s façade is in the public realm. More than a structural envelope, a façade directly influences our experience of places.

Understanding this importance, Cemintel has evolved Surround, in response to the ever-changing face of the world.

Face Forward reveals the elements that influenced Surround's design and shows a new working methodology based on openness and collaboration as a common goal. Specifier & Designer Kathy Demos was chosen to guide this process. Her acute social observations, coupled with her pragmatic understanding of the building industry, gave us ideas to explore, conventions to question and surprising projections of the future.

Download Face Forward and explore the origins of Surround ...

Face Forward

The Surround palette is a range of highly usable neutrals, each with a distinct nod to its colour origins. We describe them as ‘ish’ - blueish, greyish, blackish, greenish, whiteish. Five colours available in five textures, from light to dark to warm and cool. Adding to this is a highlight palette with a range of distinct colours to simplify colour matching and put the science of colour within reach of all.