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Key Features

Ship-lap joints on the long edges take up building movement and avoid joint cracking.

“Resistant to cracking, swelling and warping”.

“Manufactured from highly durable fibre cement” that’s resistant to permanent water damage, rot and termites.

A on the pre-primed exterior face – making a primer coat unnecessary and reducing painting time.

Cemintel Simpleline are smooth wall cladding panels with subtle ship-lap joints. The absence of grooves, shadow lines and texture gives it a minimalist appearance. A wall solution which provides visual relief to mixed cladding facade designs. Or it’s blank space which puts the design focus on the building’s form.

The ship-lap joints where the panels connect contribute a subtle vertical express joint aesthetic. The biggest design choice is colour.

Choose between standard exterior grade paint or, for a more matte effect, choose a texture coat. Whites and greys are popular with more vibrant colours reserved for small feature walls.

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