Cemintel and Hebel create homes from the outside in

Choosing the right building materials is all about a holistic approach to your build, which is why working with CSR is the smart choice.

Cohesion in design, style and even choice of material supplier is key to a long-lasting home. This is why many of Australia’s leading builders – of all sizes – choose to partner with CSR for residential projects. For the modern Australian home, a focus on stylish facades is prominent, it’s about creating a lasting impression from the outside in.

CSR is the name behind some of Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted and recognised building products for the construction of homes. With brands that include Cemintel and Hebel, CSR can help to create a stylish exterior that is reflected throughout the house.

Hudson Ridge Builders

This Ballarat home by Hudson Ridge Builders specified Cemintel for the exterior cladding on the first floor, as well as the internal feature walls,  while Hebel helped them create a smooth, rendered finish to the exterior of the lower level. Materials included were Cemintel Territory Woodlands Grey Gum  for the upper levels partnered with Hebel PowerPanelXL (lower level).

The home was custom designed to include a striking combination of both materials, allowing the owners to achieve the contemporary look and feel they were looking for. A uniquely modern and Australian home holds style and intrigue from the outside.

image Hebel PowerPanelXL and Cemintel Territory Woodlands Grey Gum were used together on a custom Hudson Ridge home.
art-image Cemintel Barestone Original was used to create a stunning feature wall.

“The combination of Hebel and Cemintel throughout the build creates a unique relationship between the interior and exterior of the home, reflecting the client’s contemporary style,” says Hudson Ridge’s Managing Director Darren Fraser.

Fraser was full of praise for Cemintel’s practicality and ease of use.

“With Cemintel, we know that not only are our customers getting a product that adds longevity to their build, but they are also getting materials that are delivered reliably that impressively impact on the look of their home.”

Reece Keil Design

The ‘Back to Front House’ by Reece Keil Design is another exciting project featuring Hebel and Cemintel. Located on Queensland’s Gold Coast, the house was named because the floorplan positioned the main living areas at the back of the house to maximise the views. The home is a showstopper for kerbside appeal as its unique design is a hallmark for modern facades.

The owners wanted to make sure that their new home was low maintenance, which is why Cemintel Territory Woodlands was chosen as the cladding, selected because of its striking appearance and minimal maintenance qualities.

Due to the prefinished nature of Territory, there is no touch up or repainting required even years after its installed, making it an easy decision for Keil and his client. “Once you install it, you don’t have to touch it again,” he says.

The owners also wanted to add a textural element through the cladding, so the top level of this home was clad in Cemintel Territory™ Woodlands Limed – a light timber-style product. This was contrasted with a black rendered finish of Hebel on the lower level, providing the striking appearance from the street.

“It’s textural, and natural looking from a distance,” says Keil. “The good thing about it, particularly in this case, is a lot of people that see this house don’t know what it is; they think it’s timber because it’s got the rough sawn appearance to it, and you can’t pick up a pattern repeat in that.”

image Reece Keil’s back-to-front house combines Cemintel cladding with Hebel PowerPanel.
art-image Curved feature wall using Cemintel Territory Woodlands Limed.
Bringing in design

From a design perspective, Keil wanted the lower floor to recede, making the Cemintel cladding the feature. Hebel PowerPanel was chosen for its robustness, thermal qualities, and ease of installation.

Keeping the overall palette light to suit the coastal surroundings, Cemintel Territory™ Woodlands Limed was also added to the front façade over the rear garage. Designer Keil says that the depth created from the two colours makes for a dynamic and alluring aesthetic.

Dawsonvu Associates

Homeowners Angeline and Roger did extensive research before choosing a combination of Hebel and Cemintel for the exterior of their new home, built by Dawsonvu Associates. The goal for the build was to create a dramatic façade that involved classics with a modern twist.

Located in Forestville in Sydney’s north, the original building was a freestanding 1960s-era home that was not meeting the needs of their growing family. The couple demolished the existing building and rebuilt on the same site, with Roger as the owner-builder and Michael Dawson of Dawsonvu Associates as the designer.

The new two-storey build features a dramatic monochromatic exterior with a PowerPanelXL external wall system rendered in a clean white to contrast against dark Cemintel Edge cladding.

Cemintel Edge Cladding was chosen because of its classical lines, which are overlaid with a more modern twist. It’s an evolution of the popular V-groove cladding look, offering a variety of groove spacings to suit more contemporary designs. The smooth texture and crisp clean lines suited the modernist design of Angeline and Roger’s new home. It is also a popular choice for homeowners looking for a contemporary barn house aesthetic, or even the new Japandi look, if you’re after something sleek and minimal.

image Dawsonvu’s Palm Springs –style Sydney home features Cemintel Edge cladding, along with Hebel PowerPanel50 and Hebel PowerFloor.

Find out more about how you can have a Cemintel and Hebel home: https://www.cemintel.com.au/contact-us/



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