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Key Features

A durable square edge fibre cement sheet.

Resistant to permanent water damage.

It’s a termite resistant internal underlay.

It’s simple and quick to install using fibre cement underlay nails (or suitable gun-nails).

An internal Ceramic Tile Underlay (CTU) for rooms including bathrooms, laundries and other wet areas as well as dry areas. It provides a thinner underlay substrate ideal for ceramic floor tiles. Being just 6mm thick, it minimises floor level variation with those in surrounding areas.

Use the fibre cement underlay to lay floor tiles over existing flooring like particle board flooring or plywood substrates. Cemintel Ceramic Tile Underlay is highly durable. It doesn’t swell, warp or get damaged by rot.

The Ceramic Tile Underlay has a smooth sanded finish. It’s easily installed and is an economical choice when laying ceramic tiles over timber floors.

Technical Information

Ceramic Tile Underlay Information

Ceramic tiles are highly durable and will last for years. Even with heavy foot traffic. Ceramic tile underlays are required to ensure tiles are installed on a flat surface with good tile adhesion. This will help prevent tiles cracking and coming loose.

Cemintel Ceramic Tile Underlay conforms to the requirements of AS2908.2 ‘Cellulose-cement products – Part 2: Flat sheets’. It’s suitable for residential buildings – Building Code Australia Classes 1 & 10.

Being fibre cement, it’s suitable where non-combustible materials are specified by the National Construction Code (NCC) Volume One clause C2D1 Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions (6)(d) and Volume 2 H3D2 (1)(d).

Ceramic Tile Underlay Installation

Lay the fibre cement underlay sheets in a staggered pattern. They should be ninety degrees to the direction of existing flooring substrate joints. Butt sheets tightly together. Then, ensure joints don’t coincide with the joints in the existing floor.

Underlay sheets should finish approximately 3mm from walls and other projections.

Ceramic Tile Underlay Product Specifications

Spacing (mm)
Effective Cover
Per Unit (m2)
Width (mm)
Per Unit
Warranty (Years)
454032Ceramic Tile Underlay120018006SmoothPre-primed:
polyacrylic coating

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