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Key Features

The strongest form of fibre cement. A tough and durable substrate.

Resistant to permanent water damage.

A comprehensive range of multiple thicknesses, widths and lengths.

For decades compressed fibre cement flooring has been the go-to substrate for bathroom and wet area construction on joists. Used on timber or lightweight steel joists, it has proven itself as a high strength, durable building product.

Cemintel Compressed Sheets are square edged and unprimed. They’re an economically priced CFC structural floor substrate that can also be used for tiled balconies.

A more advanced fibre cement floor substrate is Cemintel Constructafloor®. It has tongue and groove edges and is pre-sealed and able to be gun nailed. As a result, it’s faster and easier to install. However, these benefits come at a premium to the Cemintel Compressed Sheet.

Technical Information

Compressed Sheet Construction

Compressed fibre cement (CFC) sheets are strong and versatile. The 15mm to 24mm thick sheets can be used for flooring while the thinner 6mm to 12mm compressed sheets can be used as cladding, sound barriers and a variety of construction solutions.

When used as flooring with waterproofing, it can be covered with tiles, pebble finishes, synthetic turf, outdoor carpet or trafficable paint. There are different methods of water-resistant construction for internal wet areas like bathrooms and external tiled decks.

Here are some combinations for constructing a water-resistant deck substrate (For details see the Cemintel Decking Systems Guide).

  • Mortar Bed with Separating Layer.
  • Drip Sheet System.
  • Liquid Or Trafficable Membrane System.
  • Deck Using Water Resistant System.

The compressed fibre cement sheeting is also suitable for use in applications where non-combustible materials are specified by the National Construction Code (NCC) Volume One clause C2D1 Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions (6) (d).

Compressed Fibre Cement Flooring Thicknesses.

15mm CFC Flooring.

  • 15 x 900mm wide CFC sheets can span joist centres up to 453 millimetres.
  • 15 x 1200mm wide sheets can span joist centres up to 402 millimetres.

18mm CFC Flooring.

  • 18 x 900mm wide sheets can span joist centres up to 603 millimetres.
  • 18 x 1200mm wide sheets can span joist centres up to 603 millimetres.

24mm CFC Flooring.

  • 24mm x 1200 wide sheets can also span joist centres up to 603 millimetres.

Compressed Sheet Specifications

Spacing (mm)
Effective Cover
Per Unit (m2)
Width (mm)
Per Unit
Warranty (Years)
10170Compressed Sheet1200240012SmoothPreprimedn/a2.88120023.467.3925BAL-40
10175Compressed Sheet900240015SmoothPreprimedn/a2.1690029.2563.1825BAL-40
10179Compressed Sheet1200180015SmoothPreprimedn/a2.16120029.2563.1825BAL-40
10181Compressed Sheet1200240015SmoothPreprimedn/a2.88120029.2584.2425BAL-40
10183Compressed Sheet1200300015SmoothPreprimedn/a3.6120029.25105.325BAL-40
10187Compressed Sheet900240018SmoothPreprimedn/a2.1690035.175.8225BAL-40
10190Compressed Sheet1200180018SmoothPreprimedn/a2.16120035.175.8225BAL-40
10192Compressed Sheet1200240018SmoothPreprimedn/a2.88120035.1101.0925BAL-40
10193Compressed Sheet1200300018SmoothPreprimedn/a3.6120035.1126.3625BAL-40

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