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Clients come to Hudson Ridge seeking a high level of detail, aesthetic, and longevity within their build, the use of Cemintel and Hebel materials ensure this is possible, every time.

Hudson Ridge’s esteem as a high-quality builder delivering custom homes within the Ballarat and Geelong regions for over 20 years is a result of their ability to consistently provide their customers with personalised service and beautiful design.

An important component of their quality assurance is the materials they select and Cemintel and Hebel are excellent examples of the calibre of their supply partners. The complimentary nature of these products means every Hudson Ridge home has an opportunity to shine in its own, unique way. Clients come to Hudson Ridge seeking a high level of detail, aesthetic, and longevity within their build, the use of Cemintel and Hebel ensure this is possible, every time.

‘The reliability and support from strong business partners like Cemintel and Hebel are invaluable in keeping our projects on schedule. Given the personalised service we offer our customers, the responsibility of delivering on promises we make is very important to us, ‘explains Darren Fraser, Hudson Ridge’s Managing Director.


Hebel’s ability to offer customers flexibility in their design options aligns with the philosophy of Hudson Ridge to provide greater choice. An almost limitless array of colours combined with the added benefit of Hebel PowerPanel XL’s reducing noise transmission and boosting thermal qualities of a home makes Hebel the obvious option when it comes to selecting external walls. ‘We are very much aware of the climate conditions in the regions we build. Extending to the cooler climates of Ballarat and Geelong, our material selection reflects the care we take in ensuring our clients’ homes stand the test of time. Going beyond expectations is our standard practice and when we use materials that are in harmony with their environment, you are already on the path to achieving this,‘ states Darren.

Quality and innovation are central to Hudson Ridge’s design philosophy. They continuously look to incorporate new, innovative materials and building methods to ensure clients achieve a high level of detail, aesthetic, and longevity within their build. Material selection is critical to executing this philosophy, which is why Hudson Ridge choose Cemintel Barestone for the stunning internal feature walls, and Cemintel Territory Woodlands for the exterior of the upper storey of the Hudson Ridge Ballarat home featured.

This home is strikingly beautiful in its design, build quality and material selection. The combination of Cemintel and Hebel throughout the build creates a unique relationship between the interior and exterior of the home, reflecting the client’s contemporary style,’ says Fraser.

Yet, the beauty of Cemintel and Hebel goes far beyond the build efficiency and visual aesthetic, with materials that benefit clients in the long-term.

Cemintel’s prefinished products are long lasting and high quality, offering a wide range of finishes that speak to their surrounds. By simulating materials such as stone, timber, concrete, metal and tiles, the limitations that typically come with those products are heavily reduced with minimal ongoing maintenance. Additionally, concealed fittings allow for a streamlined finish with the added benefit of being weather-tight, which is critical within areas exposed to more extreme weather conditions.

As Darren observes, ‘Trust is a driving factor in what we do, due to our dedication to keeping to agreed timelines. With Cemintel, we know that not only are our customers getting a product that adds longevity to their build, they are also getting materials that are delivered reliably that impressively impact on the look of their home’.


Working with Cemintel and Hebel to elevate Hudson Ridge’s homes with their unique qualities are guaranteed to generate conversation with any guest that enters a home. Both Cemintel and Hebel have been featured on TV shows such as The Block, highlighting their position within the building industry as highly regarded materials that deliver and Darren is not surprised. ‘I think seeing the growing popularity of these products only further emphasises the foresight we saw in partnering with them and demonstrates the ability of Hudson Ridge to identify future trends which ensure their customers are getting only the very best out there.’

The trust customers develop with Hudson Ridge is based on the knowledge that only the very best materials, such as Cemintel and Hebel, have been selected for their build. Knowing they are committed to using quality products which enhance the beauty of their home, Darren is right when he says, ‘We build homes that both we, and our customers are proud to call a Hudson Ridge home.’

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