Key Features

Durable cement bonded fibrous particle panels.

A proprietary fixing system. Panels clip to mounting strips which create a ventilation and drainage cavity.

Prefinished cladding with NichiGuard® self-cleaning coating.

Resistant to Bushfire Attack Level up to BAL40.

Natural timber finishes add warmth, character and beauty to building designs. In fact, external timber is a key architectural feature in mid-century modern, Japandi and many contemporary designs.

Territory Woodlands wall cladding has a beautiful range of 10 stained timber-style products. They’re designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

They have the timeless beauty of natural timber cladding. However, they are high quality cement bonded fibrous particle panels. Meaning they require less maintenance than traditional timber.

Use Territory Woodlands cladding on exterior walls or as an internal lining.


  • Apartment Facades

  • Commercial Facades

  • External Cladding

  • Feature Walls

  • Internal Linings


The range

Territory™ Woodlands Grey Gum

Territory™ Woodlands Ebony

Territory™ Woodlands Smoked

Close-up view of a wooden surface with a horizontal gap in the middle. The wood grain shows a consistent, textured pattern with natural brown hues. The lines in the wood run parallel to each other, giving the appearance of layered panels.

Territory™ Woodlands Teak

Territory™ Woodlands Cedar

Territory™ Woodlands Jarrah Slats

Territory™ Woodlands Kwilla Slats

Territory™ Woodlands Oaky Slats

Territory™ Woodlands Birch

Territory™ Woodlands Limed

Territory™ Woodlands Grey Gum

Australian eucalypt silver and grey forest colours and a flowing grain. 150mm spacing between joint lines.

Territory™ Woodlands Ebony

Luxurious deep black with undertones of brown and olive with a rough sawn texture. 110mm spacing between joint lines.

Territory™ Woodlands Smoked

Sophisticated dark green-grey shade of eucalypt with charred elements. 150mm spacing between joint lines.

Territory™ Woodlands Teak

Beautiful, earthy tan colour with smooth grain texture and 150mm spaces between joint lines.

Territory™ Woodlands Cedar

Authentic grounded cedar with warm red hues and a straight wood grain texture. 150mm spacing between joint lines.

Territory™ Woodlands Jarrah Slats

A hint of sunset and warmth in the rich dark brown colour with smooth timber texture. Tight 45mm spacing between joint lines.

Territory™ Woodlands Kwilla Slats

Aged timber with an earthy green colour with a smooth timber grain. Tight 45mm spacing between joint lines.

Territory™ Woodlands Oaky Slats

Honey colour oak and golden hues with a smooth wood grain. Tight 45mm spacing between joint lines.

Territory™ Woodlands Birch

Scandinavian Design inspired light brown and cream colours with a rough sawn texture. 110mm spacing between joint lines.

Territory™ Woodlands Limed

Contemporary lime washed timber with a gorgeous rough sawn texture. 110mm spacing between joint lines.

Disclaimer: Product images and samples may vary from actual product regarding colour and surface finish due to the manufacturing process and raw materials used.

Technical Information

Woodlands Cladding Information

Cemintel Territory Woodlands Cladding offers a luxurious and high-end aesthetic. It features an authentic wood grain texture that is carefully pressed into the panels, which are then finished using a multi-layer process. The end result is a stunning prefinished timber cladding that looks remarkably natural.

The cement bonded fibrous particle material is chosen for its low maintenance qualities. Unlike natural timber, it doesn’t experience issues such as warping, splitting, and rotting. Additionally, it comes with a protective coating that safeguards the cladding from UV damage and prevents colour fading.

Woodlands Cladding Installation

The proprietary fixing system provides a range of advantages:

  • It creates a 15mm cavity to provide ventilation and drainage.
  • It can be installed to timber, steel and masonry frames.
  • The clip system conceals fixings on the cladding.
  • It allows cladding to be installed horizontally or vertically. 
As external timber cladding would be. And as internal feature walls.
  • It makes Territory cladding compatible with Barestone and Surround cladding.

For peace of mind, Territory Woodlands is CodeMark Certified CM30048. They can be used whenever a non-combustible material is required by NCC2022 Clause C2D10 (6)(d) [NCC2019: C1.9 (e)(iv)].

The Territory wall system can achieve a Bushfire Attack Level 
of up to BAL40 when constructed in accordance with Australian Standard AS3959 and Cemintel’s design and installation guides.

Woodlands Product Specifications

Spacing (mm)
Effective Cover
Per Unit (m2)
Width (mm)
Per Unit
Warranty (Years)
163108Territory Woodlands Ebony470303016TexturedPrefinishedn/a1.3845517.9 - 21.824.7 - 30.110BAL-40
163175Territory Woodlands Limed470303016TexturedPrefinishedn/a1.3845517.9 - 21.824.7 - 30.110BAL-40
133976Territory Woodlands Smoked470303016TexturedPrefinishedn/a1.3845517.9 - 21.824.7 - 30.110BAL-40
133975Territroy Woodlands Teak470303016TexturedPrefinishedn/a1.3845517.9 - 21.824.7 - 30.110BAL-40
472377Territory Woodlands Cedar470303016TexturedPrefinishedn/a1.3845517.9 - 21.824.7 - 30.110BAL-40
472376Territory Woodlands Grey Gum470303016TexturedPrefinishedn/a1.3845517.9 - 21.824.7 - 30.110BAL-40
472366Territory Woodlands Birch470303016TexturedPrefinishedn/a1.3845517.9 - 21.824.7 - 30.110BAL-40
472362Territory Woodlands Oaky Slats470303016TexturedPrefinishedn/a1.3845517.9 - 21.824.7 - 30.110BAL-40
472361Territory Woodlands Kwilla Slats470303016TexturedPrefinishedn/a1.3845517.9 - 21.824.7 - 30.110BAL-40
472360Territory Woodlands Jarrah Slats470303016TexturedPrefinishedn/a1.3845517.9 - 21.824.7 - 30.110BAL-40

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