Architects appreciate building materials with natural textures and patterns. They recognize the concrete-like beauty of fibre cement. An attractive quality usually hidden. As it’s typically a site painted material.

Thankfully, Cemintel’s innovative prefinished cladding solution Barestone exposes the natural mottled concrete finish of fibre cement. This gives designers a compelling lightweight option for a range of projects. From large architect-designed buildings to small bespoke home renovation additions.

It’s not always desirable that regular fibre cement cladding in acrylic paint often juxtaposes the textures present in natural settings. Due to its texture and tonal variation, Barestone cladding is better able to blend into its environment. Despite their bold, minimalist shapes, contemporary buildings which use Cemintel Barestone cladding are able to sit comfortably in natural settings.

Conveniently, the cladding can be used in bushfire zones up to Bushfire Attack Level BAL 40 for external walls.

Manufactured in Australia.

Install to timber or light steel frames. And even masonry, concrete or timber battens.
Cut down to create interesting layouts prompting fresh facade designs.
Uses the ExpressWall® top hat fixing system which delivers high weather performance.
Panels are prefinished and incorporate CeminSeal® water block technology and a protective coating which minimizes ongoing maintenance.

Barestone® Applications

  • Apartment Facades

  • Ceilings

  • Commercial Facades

  • Eaves

  • External Cladding

  • Feature Walls

  • Internal Linings

  • Soffits



Barestone® Original

Barestone® Ash

Barestone® Lunar

Barestone® Graphite

Barestone® Original

The original natural concrete look. It enhances design with its smooth, light concrete appearance. *There are interior versions of each Barestone product. They have a different coating to combat household items such as oils, wine, and food.

Barestone® Ash

The natural colour of fine minerals and metals that remain after a fire. The light tone and texture is soft, calm and tranquil. *There are interior versions of each Barestone product. They have a different coating to combat household items such as oils, wine, and food.

Barestone® Lunar

A saturated cool, charcoal grey with dark undertones. It’s the perfect colour to add drama and sophistication. *There are interior versions of each Barestone product. They have a different coating to combat household items such as oils, wine, and food.

Barestone® Graphite

A dark, warm, deep grey with true black undertones that add drama and elegance. *There are interior versions of each Barestone product. They have a different coating to combat household items such as oils, wine, and food.

Disclaimer: Product images and samples may vary from actual product regarding colour and surface finish due to the manufacturing process and raw materials used.

Technical Information

Barestone Panel Information

Cemintel Barestone are prefinished, square edged, compressed fibre cement (CFC) panels that come trimmed and sealed in a standard 1200 x 3000 x 9mm size. Consisting primarily of Portland Cement, cellulose fibre, air and water, panels are compressed to produce a dense 9mm panel that offers superior performance in terms of strength and durability.

Barestone External panels are an excellent choice for commercial applications subject to higher wind loads. The panels incorporate Cemintel’s unique Ceminseal® water block technology (factory sealed on all sides) for added weather resistance and durability. The Barestone colours also have a secondary coating to minimise colour fade.

Barestone Internal panels have an effective stain resistant coating applied to the panel face to combat standard household items such as oils, wine and food, providing superior performance in terms of strength, density and durability.

Barestone Panel Specifications

PropertySpecificationManufacturing ToleranceRelevant Standard
Panel Width1200mm+ 0.0mm / - 2.0mmAS/NZS 2908.2
Panel Length2400 and 3000mm+ 0.0mm / - 2.0mmAS/NZS 2908.2
Panel Thickness9mm+ 0.9mm / - 0.0mmAS/NZS 2908.2
Panel Weight (EMC)17.8kg/m2AS/NZS 2908.2

Barestone Spectral Reflectivity Values

ProductSolar Reflectance %Solar Absorbtance %Basix ColourRelevant Standard
Barestone Original39.860.2 (+/-1.2)MediumASTM E903-12
Barestone Ash23.076.1 (+/- 0.7)DarkASTM E903-12
Barestone Lunar14.385.7 (+/-0.4)DarkASTM E903-12
Barestone Graphite8.791.3 (+/-0.3)DarkASTM E903-12

Barestone Product Specifications

Spacing (mm)
Effective Cover
Per Unit (m2)
Width (mm)
Per Unit
Warranty (Years)
99487Barestone Original120024009SmoothPrefinishedn/a2.88120017.851.2610BAL-40
99486Barestone Original120030009SmoothPrefinishedn/a3.6120017.864.0810BAL-40
135243Barestone Original120024009SmoothPrefinishedn/a2.88120017.851.2610BAL-40
140990Barestone Original120030009SmoothPrefinishedn/a3.6120017.864.0810BAL-40
193224Barestone Ash External120024009SmoothPrefinishedn/a2.88120017.851.2610BAL-40
193226Barestone Ash External120030009SmoothPrefinishedn/a3.6120017.864.0810BAL-40
457045Barestone Ash Internal120030009SmoothPrefinishedn/a3.6120017.864.0810BAL-40
193220Barestone Lunar External120024009SmoothPrefinishedn/a2.88120017.851.2610BAL-40
193222Barestone Lunar External120030009SmoothPrefinishedn/a3.6120017.864.0810BAL-40
457043Barestone Lunar Internal120030009SmoothPrefinishedn/a3.6120017.864.0810BAL-40
195273Barestone Graphite External120024009SmoothPrefinishedn/a2.88120017.851.2610BAL-40
194885Barestone Graphite External120030009SmoothPrefinishedn/a3.6120017.864.0810BAL-40
457046Barestone Graphite Internal120030009SmoothPrefinishedn/a3.6120017.864.0810BAL-40

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