House cladding is a durable weather-proof skin. It has the beauty and flexibility to suit a wide range of architectural styles and personal tastes.
Designers can tailor a new home design to delicately fit in to an established suburb. For homeowners it can complete a dream home vision like no other house exterior product.

Cladding choice and roof line are the two major design elements that inform the style of a house. Weatherboards with a gable roof evoke a charming coastal style. Vertical joint cladding and a flat roof line are the hallmarks of a minimalist modern style.

Cemintel Street Style fibre cement cladding offers a broad range of exterior cladding options. In addition, they’re site painted. Not pre-finished. They benefit from the exciting range of exterior paint colours commonly available hardware stores.

The Street Style House cladding range suits a broad range of housing types. Architects and Building Designers can use it for bespoke high-end detached homes or luxury terrace or townhouse developments.

Volume home builders can take advantage of the installation simplicity. Cemintel fibre cement products don’t require specialist installers. Carpenters use the same tools to cut and fix the products as they do with timber. Cemintel designs the products and accessories to maximize installation efficiency which lowers the cost of home construction.

Renovation builders can collaborate with homeowners by browsing all the exterior cladding options and finding one that suits their renovation.

The advantage fibre cement has is that it can mimic traditional building materials. Yet it’s an engineered product with productivity and durability benefits.

Enduring. Cemintel fibre cement cladding is resistant to termites, rot and permanent water damage.
Easier to maintain. Cemintel fibre cement won’t shrink, swell or warp which prevents paint cracking so it lasts longer.
Most cladding is pre-primed. This reduces paint usage and painting time.
Fire Resistant. Deemed suitable for use in applications where non-combustible materials are specified. As per the National Construction Code Volume One clause C2D1 Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions (6) (d).


  • Ceilings

  • External Cladding

  • Feature Walls

  • Internal Linings

  • Eaves

  • Weatherboards


The Collection

Mosaic® Cladding

Aspect® Cladding

SimpleLine® Cladding

Headland® Weatherboards

Scarborough® Weatherboards

Edge® Cladding

Balmoral® Weatherboards

Street Style Mosaic® Cladding

Street Style Mosaic® Cladding

Mosaic®  has a modern, geometric express joint aesthetic, making it the ideal façade for the modern home.

Street Style Aspect® Cladding

Street Style Aspect® Cladding

Cemintel Aspect Cladding® displays a distinctive horizontal ship-lapped joint, while providing a classic, attractive façade.

Street Style SimpleLine® Cladding

Street Style SimpleLine® Cladding

From an aesthetic viewpoint, SimpleLine® has strong, clean edges that provide for an express panel look without the cost.

Street Style Headland® Weatherboards

Street Style Headland® Weatherboards

170 x 4200 x 10mm weatherboards. A 25mm overlap leaves 145 mm exposed after installation. The effective cover is 0.61 of a square meter per piece.

Street Style Scarborough® Weatherboards

Street Style Scarborough® Weatherboards

175 x 4200 x 12 mm weatherboards. A 25mm overlap leaves 150mm exposed after installation. The effective cover is 0.63 of a square meter per piece.

Street Style Edge® Cladding Bond

Street Style Edge® Cladding Oxford

Street Style Edge® Cladding Ribbon

Street Style Edge® Cladding Crown

Street Style Edge® Cladding Bond

Edge 75 mm V Groove Cladding. Edge Bond Cladding Panels have V-shaped grooves at narrow 75 mm intervals. 1200mm wide sheets have 16 V grooves.

Street Style Edge® Cladding Oxford

Edge 150 mm V Groove Cladding. Edge Oxford Cladding Panels have V-shaped grooves at 150 mm intervals. 1200 mm wide sheets have 8 V grooves.

Street Style Edge® Cladding Ribbon

Edge 150 mm U Groove Cladding. Edge Ribbon Cladding Panels have U-shaped grooves at 150mm intervals. 1200 mm wide sheets have 8 U grooves.

Street Style Edge® Cladding Crown

Edge 400 mm V Groove Cladding. Edge Crown Cladding Panels have V-shaped grooves at extra wide 400mm intervals. 1200 mm wide sheets have just 3 V grooves.

Street Style Balmoral® 180 Weatherboards

Street Style Balmoral® 180 Weatherboards

180 x 4200 x 16 mm weatherboards. A 30mm overlap leaves 150mm exposed after installation. The effective cover is 0.63 of a square meter per piece. Tip: if you know the size of the wall you need to clad, divide it by the effective cover for a quick estimate on the quantity you need.  

Disclaimer: Product images and samples may vary from actual product regarding colour and surface finish due to the manufacturing process and raw materials used.

Technical Information

Street Style Panel information

To the untrained eye, Balmoral, Scarborough and Headland are reminiscent of traditional, thick timber weatherboards.

Similarly, Edge vertical joint cladding has the look of tongue and groove timber cladding. Available in a convenient large fibre cement panel.

Simpleline fibre cement sheets combined with vertical fibre cement battens can even look like metal standing seam cladding.

Aspect is a contemporary interpretation of horizontal shiplap cladding. The style is all about modern clean lines and architectural simplicity. The large format fibre cement boards have a smooth surface and bold square-shaped horizontal grooves.
Mosaic cladding, is a cost-effective cladding solution for home designs where the look of a geometric aluminium express panels is desired, but beyond the budget.

The Street Style range facilitates much needed design diversity in streetscapes. That’s where the narrowing of housing lots results in a single, uninspiring house style. With cladding that looks different, but works the same way, house designs can have a variety of facades which makes each house appear unique. This is better for community living and house values.

The majority of homes in Australia are built with timber frames. It makes sense that Street Style cladding is designed and engineered for timber frame construction. Australia is shifting from masonry to lightweight cladding solutions. The aesthetic, productivity and durability benefits of engineered products far outweigh what natural materials have to offer.

Street Style Product Specifications

FinishGroove TypeGroove
Spacing (mm)
Effective Cover
Per Unit (m2)
Width (mm)
Per Unit
Warranty (Years)
130475Aspect Cladding300420012SmoothPreprimedn/an/a1.162765.723.9415BAL-29
454428Balmoral Weatherboard 180mm180420016SmoothPreprimedn/an/a0.631503.815.9625BAL-40
454471Edge Cladding Bond 75mm120024509SmoothPreprimedV-Groove752.9412001235.2810BAL-29
454474Edge Cladding Bond 75mm120030009SmoothPreprimedV-Groove753.612001243.210BAL-29
454504Edge Cladding Bond 75mm120027509SmoothPreprimedV-Groove753.312001239.610BAL-29
454501Edge Cladding Crown 400mm120024509SmoothPreprimedV-Groove4002.9412001235.2810BAL-29
454502Edge Cladding Crown 400mm120027509SmoothPreprimedV-Groove4003.312001239.610BAL-29
454503Edge Cladding Crown 400mm120030009SmoothPreprimedV-Groove4003.612001243.210BAL-29
454475Edge Cladding Oxford 150mm120024509SmoothPreprimedV-Groove1502.9412001235.2810BAL-29
454476Edge Cladding Oxford 150mm120027509SmoothPreprimedV-Groove1503.312001239.610BAL-29
454477Edge Cladding Oxford 150mm120030009SmoothPreprimedV-Groove1503.612001243.210BAL-29
115654Edge Cladding Ribbon 150mm120024509SmoothPreprimedU-Groove1502.9412001235.2810BAL-29
115655Edge Cladding Ribbon 150mm120027509SmoothPreprimedU-Groove1503.312001239.610BAL-29
115656Edge Cladding Ribbon 150mm120030009SmoothPreprimedU-Groove1503.612001243.210BAL-29
51294Headland Weatherboard170420010SmoothPreprimedn/an/a0.611452.711.525BAL-29
123280Mosaic Cladding119029908SmoothPreprimedn/an/a3.56119012.644.8610BAL-29
123331Mosaic Cladding89017908SmoothPreprimedn/an/a1.5989012.620.0310BAL-29
123332Mosaic Cladding119011908SmoothPreprimedn/an/a1.42119012.617.8910BAL-29
123333Mosaic Cladding59023908SmoothPreprimedn/an/a1.4159012.617.7710BAL-29
89474Scarborough Weatherboard175420012SmoothPreprimedn/an/a0.6315019.414.3625BAL-40
10226Smooth Plank23042007.5SmoothUnprimedn/an/a0.862052.912.1825BAL-29
10227Smooth Plank30042007.5SmoothUnprimedn/an/a1.152753.815.9625BAL-29

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