Key Features

Unlike VJ timber, Edge VJ panels resist cracking, swelling and warping.

Made from Cemintel's advanced fibre cement the cladding is resistant to rot, termites and permanent water damage.

The ship-lap joints on the long edges take up building movement and avoid joint cracking.

Panels can be gun-nailed to timber frames and come pre-primed and ready for paint to speed up installation.

Vertical Joint or VJ Cladding is the modern incarnation of centuries-old tongue and groove timber wall boards. Vertical joint boards have a tongue on one side and a groove on the other. Installed vertically, they slotted together leaving a pretty V-shaped joint.

Traditional vertical joint timber boards were narrow at just 100mm wide. Installing them was time-consuming and the timber would swell or shrink and crack at the joints.

Thankfully, vertical grooved panels have replaced vertical joint boards. The aesthetic is the same, and it’s faster to install with 3 meter high, 1200mm wide wall paneling than individual boards. Furthermore, durable fibre cement has superseded timber as it can be used internally or externally.

Cemintel Edge Cladding has evolved the VJ cladding look with a variety of groove spacings to suit more contemporary designs. Edge VJ panels have a smooth texture and crisp clean lines. They suit styles like minimalist, modern farm house, Scandi and Japandi


  • Ceilings

  • External Cladding

  • Feature Walls

  • Internal Linings

  • Eaves


The range

Street Style Edge® Cladding Bond

Street Style Edge® Cladding Oxford

Street Style Edge® Cladding Ribbon

Street Style Edge® Cladding Crown

Street Style Edge® Cladding Bond

Edge 75 mm V Groove Cladding. Edge Bond Cladding Panels have V-shaped grooves at narrow 75 mm intervals. 1200mm wide sheets have 16 V grooves.

Street Style Edge® Cladding Oxford

Edge 150 mm V Groove Cladding. Edge Oxford Cladding Panels have V-shaped grooves at 150 mm intervals. 1200 mm wide sheets have 8 V grooves.

Street Style Edge® Cladding Ribbon

Edge 150 mm U Groove Cladding. Edge Ribbon Cladding Panels have U-shaped grooves at 150mm intervals. 1200 mm wide sheets have 8 U grooves.

Street Style Edge® Cladding Crown

Edge 400 mm V Groove Cladding. Edge Crown Cladding Panels have V-shaped grooves at extra wide 400mm intervals. 1200 mm wide sheets have just 3 V grooves.

Disclaimer: Product images and samples may vary from actual product regarding colour and surface finish due to the manufacturing process and raw materials used.

Technical Information

Edge Cladding Information

It’s easy to see why vertical joint cladding is popular. For homeowners and designers, it offers a pleasing aesthetic where they can choose from 4 groove spacing options. The subtle grooves add interest and a feel of craftsmanship. It’s an acceptable look that works with a variety of styles, from traditional Hamptons style interiors to modern minimalist exterior walls.

One of the best ways to use vertical joint cladding is as a modern contrasting addition to heritage homes. Typically, the heritage home has a pitched roof and a decorative style. The addition will contrast this with a boxy form and the vertical joint cladding sheets given a contemporary look using dark grey paint.

Edge Cladding is an attractive and impact resistant interior wall lining. Use full height panels for a floor to ceiling internal feature walls. Or, cut the panels down to chair-height and use them with a dado rail over plasterboard. It’s a classic style for living rooms and corridors.

Another popular design choice is to use fibre cement VJ sheets in bathrooms, laundries and powder rooms instead of tiles. While wet areas are fine, shower recesses cannot use them because these need to be water-proofed.

Not surprisingly, vertical joint sheets have become a useful general purpose building material. They add spectacular detail to eaves, soffits and vaulted ceilings. The ship-lap joints mimic the vertical grooves creating a continuous look that conceals panel joints.

For builders, the large panels in common wall heights and convenient ship-lap joints is a time saver. Especially in new homes. Being fibre cement, the panels are durable with a high impact resistance. The also take up building movement to prevent cracks. Also, they hold paint well, without warping or cracking, so they’ll stay looking good for a long time.

Edge Cladding Installation

Edge Cladding sheets are 9mm thick, 1200mm wide, to suit 600mm stud spacing. They come in 2450, 2750 or 3000 mm lengths to suit common wall heights. That means fewer cuts and less waste. Fix them directly to stud frames by hand or gun-nailing to timber, Or screw them to light gauge steel frames.

Cavity fixing to timber or fibre cement battens is also an option.

Edge cladding panels can also be installed horizontally. This creates a different horizontal shiplap look. It also creates a challenge where the short ends of the panels need to be butted together, which isn’t a seamless look. One option is to cover the short end joints with vertical battens.

The Cemintel fibre cement used in Edge Cladding is deemed suitable for use in applications where non-combustible materials are specified. As per the National Construction Code Volume One clause C2D1 Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions (6) (d).

Edge VJ Cladding panels are suitable for Bushfire Attack Levels up to BAL-29 when constructed in accordance with Australian Standards AS3959. External walls in bushfire zones can be upgraded to BAL-FZ when part of a fire rated plasterboard wall system.

Edge Cladding Product Specifications

FinishGroove TypeGroove
Spacing (mm)
Effective Cover
Per Unit (m2)
Width (mm)
Per Unit
Warranty (Years)
454471Edge Cladding Bond 75mm120024509SmoothPreprimedV-Groove752.9412001235.2810BAL-29
454504Edge Cladding Bond 75mm120027509SmoothPreprimedV-Groove753.312001239.610BAL-29
454474Edge Cladding Bond 75mm120030009SmoothPreprimedV-Groove753.612001243.210BAL-29
454475Edge Cladding Oxford 150mm120024509SmoothPreprimedV-Groove1502.9412001235.2810BAL-29
454476Edge Cladding Oxford 150mm120027509SmoothPreprimedV-Groove1503.312001239.610BAL-29
454477Edge Cladding Oxford 150mm120030009SmoothPreprimedV-Groove1503.612001243.210BAL-29
115654Edge Cladding Ribbon 150mm120024509SmoothPreprimedU-Groove1502.9412001235.2810BAL-29
115655Edge Cladding Ribbon 150mm120027509SmoothPreprimedU-Groove1503.312001239.610BAL-29
115656Edge Cladding Ribbon 150mm120030009SmoothPreprimedU-Groove1503.612001243.210BAL-29
454501Edge Cladding Crown 400mm120024509SmoothPreprimedV-Groove4002.9412001235.2810BAL-29
454502Edge Cladding Crown 400mm120027509SmoothPreprimedV-Groove4003.312001239.610BAL-29
454503Edge Cladding Crown 400mm120030009SmoothPreprimedV-Groove4003.612001243.210BAL-29

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