Discover the versatility and beauty of Barestone

Bold, durable, and backed by innovative technologies, Barestone is the modern design feature every beautiful home needs.

Neutrals have had a place in our homes, and our hearts, for a long time. It’s no mystery why – whites, greys, creams, and beiges are highly versatile colours, capable of creating a wide range of minimalist looks.


Of course, neutrals can be used to create an array of bold, modern looks, too. With a whole spectrum of shades to choose from, there is plenty of room for creativity.

Increasingly, homeowners are opting for darker, more dramatic neutrals – featuring smokey greys and inky blacks across their facades and interiors. Bolder tones and textural elements are experiencing a revival, and people are looking for innovative ways to incorporate them into their homes.

That’s where Cemintel Barestone comes in. Featuring four distinct colourways: Original, Ash, Lunar and Graphite – Barestone is a collection of prefinished panels that can be integrated into your home without needing to be painted or finished. Capable of cladding virtually any surface, Barestone is adding depth and a hint of drama to Australian homes.


New look, natural style
Barestone is a fibre cement cladding solution that evokes the look of natural concrete. Bold yet refined, contemporary yet timeless, these prefinished panels are defined by their natural style and smooth, mottled surface.

No two panels are the exact same; the natural, subtle variations in colour and the mottled pattern only enhance their unique, biophilic look. Perfectly imperfect, Barestone flawlessly integrates with the environment and easily adapts to a range of modern styles.

Barestone comes in four striking colours:

Original: A smooth, light concrete look.
Ash: A darker grey with a natural, ashy hue and soft, soothing texture.
Lunar: A cool, saturated charcoal grey with dark undertones.
Graphite: A dark, warm, deep grey with a true black undertone.

The Barestone colours simultaneously harmonise with their surroundings and draw the eye. And because the panels can be cut into different shapes, used horizontally or vertically, and installed internally and externally, the design possibilities are practically endless.

Fascinating facades
We all want our homes to look beautiful and make a statement, but they also need to stand the test of time. And if you live in the unpredictable and sometimes harsh Australian environment, this can be a challenge.

Our Barestone External panels deliver on both aesthetics and functionality. Not only can they be used to create stunning exteriors – especially in a mixed-façade solution with materials like concrete, timber, brick, stone or AAC such as Hebel – they also withstand even the toughest climatic conditions.

Factory sealed with our unique, patented Ceminseal® water block technology, Barestone External panels have a secondary coating to minimise colour fade. They can also be used in bushfire zones up to BAL 40, and where non-combustible cladding is required.

For the award-winning Rainforest House, designing a sturdy, long-lasting façade was of the utmost importance. Architect Dave Andren and custom home builder Benchmark Building Projects were faced with the unique challenge of renovating a run-down stone cottage on a piece of land bordering World Heritage Springbrook National Park in Queensland. To combat potential moisture damage from the wet environment, they needed strong, durable, weather-resistant cladding – which is why they specified Barestone.


“The forest tries to claim anything you put in it, with moss and growth over anything that’s in contact with the ground,” says Dave Andren.

The organic-looking Barestone External panels complemented the surrounding greenery perfectly. Nestled amongst rich, abundant flora, Rainforest House is now a modern, idyllic retreat and a seamless extension of the natural environment.

“One of the things I tried to do with the house was keep a really simple palette: the zinc of the steel, the roof and the flashings, the Barestone, glass and timberwork. These four materials plus the existing stonework…give the design visual strength,” says Dave Andren.

Interiors with impact
Barestone can also be used to create intriguing interior looks. Designed for use in most areas of the home, our Barestone Internal panels are highly versatile, delivering unique, striking aesthetics.

Nothing will elevate your living space like a dramatic Barestone feature wall or a statement Barestone ceiling. Plus, the stain-resistant coating applied to the face of the panels means you won’t have to worry about spilling household items like oil, wine and food.

When Mark Diedricks from innovative architecture practice Arklen was designing a family home in the suburbs of Perth, he was asked to create a low-maintenance, modern-industrial aesthetic. Traditional building materials wouldn’t suffice; the owners wanted one-of-a-kind interiors that maximised space. They also specified no glass, tiles, or grout in the kitchen and bathrooms, and no cornices or skirting boards in other parts of the home.

Barestone was chosen for the homes’ upper floors and the wall behind the staircase. “A combination of colours, textures and finishes including brick, polished wood and stone along with Cemintel’s Barestone cladding range were selected to bring the design to life,” says Mark.

“Barestone’s smooth and raw cement tones met the industrial brief perfectly while the silver wall fixtures added a modern edge to the design.”


The use of precision-cut, pre-finished panels eliminated the need for cornices and skirting boards, and the durability of Barestone was a huge bonus. The owners wanted a comfortable, resilient home that would accommodate their growing family for years to come – and Barestone delivered.

“Our home is unique, the finishes in every room were carefully chosen to ensure the outcomes was a home that stepped outside the box, yet is comfortable and practical for our family’s needs now and into the future,” the owners said. “Cemintel Barestone played a large part in bringing our vision and brief to life.”

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