Key Features

12mm thick flat faced board with a small arris on the bottom edge.

A nailing groove, for hand nailing or gun nailing, that's concealed in the board overlap.

Durable and resistant to rot, termites and permanent water damage.

Pre-primed in a pale-yellow primer to reduce paint use and painting time.

The Scarborough fibre cement weatherboard straddles contemporary and traditional home styles. The boards have a smooth surface and a flat face with no decorative rebates. The boards are 12mm thick and when
they overlap it creates a medium depth shadow line.

They sit in the middle of the Cemintel weatherboard range. Thicker, 16mm Balmoral Weatherboards, are more contemporary. Thinner, 10mm Headland weatherboards, which have a decorative groove and are more traditional.
Scarborough weatherboards are ideal for timber weatherboard cottage renovations. The old timber weatherboards on 1950s homes are likely to be warped, split, and rotted. Recladding workers cottages or suburban cottages in crisp, Scarborough fibre cement weatherboards gives facades a fresh, cared-for appearance.

Scarborough FC weatherboards welcome ornamentation and decorative details. Paint the weatherboards in a neutral colour and add contrasting white trims, verandah posts and fretwork around the top of a verandah.


  • Weatherboards

  • External Cladding

  • Feature Walls

  • External Cladding


The range

Street Style Scarborough® Weatherboards

Street Style Scarborough® Weatherboards

175 x 4200 x 12 mm weatherboards. A 25mm overlap leaves 150mm exposed after installation. The effective cover is 0.63 of a square meter per piece.

Disclaimer: Product images and samples may vary from actual product regarding colour and surface finish due to the manufacturing process and raw materials used.

Technical Information

Scarborough Weatherboards Information

With their medium depth shadow line and conventional width, Scarborough is an easy-fit with all weatherboard home designs.

To achieve a contemporary look the home should have a simple, well proportioned shape. Flat or steeply pitched roof lines work nicely. Paint the Scarborough weatherboards a crisp white or a dark grey.

Scarborough weatherboards work are perfer for American coastal home styles such as the Hamptons Look or the Cape Cod style. Fibre cement weatherboards are an Australian interpretation of these styles. Authentic American homes used timber shingles which wouldn’t be durable enough for Australian conditions.

This coastal style is popular because it’s light, breezy and welcoming. They have a beach house or holiday home feel. Paint the weatherboards in a neutral colour. Then contrast them with white window trims, rafter tails, plantation shutter and balustrades.

Scarborough weatherboards are durable and fast to install. This makes them a good product for new construction on green field and urban infill sites. By tailoring the decorative details on knockdown rebuild projects, it’s not difficult to make weatherboard homes fit-in with established streetscapes.

Scarborough Weatherboards Installation

12mm thick fibre cement can be difficult to nail. Scarborough weatherboards feature a shallow nailing groove. It’s a handy nailing guide which ensures the fixings are concealed by the board overlap. Boards can be hand-nailed or gun-nailed.

Nail the boards to timber stud frames or screw them to light gauge steel frames. Stud spacing can be up to 600 mm depending on wind zone requirements.

Boards can be joint off-stud using a metal soaker accessory (Order no. 89857) to reduce waste.

Cavity fixing is also an option using vertical timber or fibre cement battens.

Cemintel Scarborough weatherboards are deemed suitable for use in applications where non-combustible materials are specified. As per the National Construction Code Volume One clause C2D1 Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions (6) (d).

They’re suitable for Bushfire Attack Levels up to BAL-29 when constructed in accordance with Australian Standards AS3959. External walls in bushfire zones can be upgraded to BAL-FZ if the weatherboards are part of a fire rated plasterboard wall system.

Not quite what you’re looking for? Street style has a range of weatherboards with different thicknesses and profiles including:

  • Balmoral Weatherboard 180mm size is similar to the Scarborough weatherboard. However, being 16 mm thick it has deeper, more contemporary shadow lines.
  • Headland Weatherboards are slightly narrower than the Balmoral 180mm and Scarborough weatherboards. They just 10 mm thick and have a decorative horizontal rebate, for more of a traditional weatherboard look.

Scarborough Weatherboards Product Specifications

Spacing (mm)
Effective Cover
Per Unit (m2)
Width (mm)
Per Unit
Warranty (Years)
89474Scarborough Weatherboard175420012SmoothPreprimedn/a0.631503.414.3625BAL-40

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