Key Features

Durable cement bonded fibrous particle panels.

A proprietary fixing system. Panels clip to mounting strips which create a ventilation and drainage cavity.

Prefinished cladding with NichiGuard® Self-Cleaning Coating.

Resistant to Bushfire Attack Level up to BAL40.

The beauty of finger tiles, but in cladding panels. Cemintel Territory Canyon cladding looks like an intricate mosaic of slender tiles. Instead of a smooth ceramic finish, they have more of a weathered stone texture.

Having the appearance of “kit kat tiles” makes Canyon cladding versatile. It can work as exterior or interior walling. The tiles vary in width and texture so they look hand-crafted. To that end, they fit the modern-rustic style.

Use Territory Canyon cladding on exterior walls or as an internal lining.


  • Apartment Facades

  • Commercial Facades

  • External Cladding

  • Feature Walls

  • Internal Linings


Territory Canyon Range

Territory™ Canyon Carnarvon

Territory™ Canyon Kings

Territory™ Canyon Carnarvon

Directional light reveals light and dark slate stone colours across the ridges and texture undulations.

Territory™ Canyon Kings

A limestone white colour with sandy undertones between the mosaic tile shapes.

Disclaimer: Product images and samples may vary from actual product regarding colour and surface finish due to the manufacturing process and raw materials used.

Technical Information

Canyon Cladding Information

A wall of Cemintel Canyon Cladding is compelling by itself. It has a sleek rugged charm. It requires little additional styling to be breath-takingly beautiful.

It can be a bridge between traditional and modern home styles. The detail and weathered finish have a decorative, rustic quality. Yet, the achromatic colour palette and finger tile shapes feel sleek and contemporary.

The painstakingly task of laying hundreds of tiles is unnecessary. Instead, Canyon cladding comes in large cement bonded fibrous particle panels. The texture is pressed in during manufacturing.

Colour variation comes from the multi-layer paint process. The paint protects the cladding from UV damage and colour fading.

Canyon Cladding Installation

The proprietary fixing system provides a range of advantages:

  • It creates a 15mm cavity to provide ventilation and drainage.
  • It can be installed to timber, steel and masonry frames.
  • The clip system conceals fixings on the cladding.
  • It allows cladding to be installed horizontally or vertically.
  • It makes Territory cladding compatible with Barestone and Surround cladding.

For peace of mind, Territory Woodlands is CodeMark Certified CM30048. They can be used whenever a non-combustible material is required by NCC2022 Clause C2D10 (6)(d) [NCC2019: C1.9 (e)(iv)].

The Territory wall system can achieve a Bushfire Attack Level of up to BAL40 when constructed in accordance with Australian Standard AS3959 and Cemintel’s design and installation guides.

Canyon Product Specifications

Spacing (mm)
Effective Cover
Per Unit (m2)
Width (mm)
Per Unit
Warranty (Years)
472365Territory Canyon Carnarvon470303016TexturedPrefinishedn/a1.3845517.9 - 21.824.7 - 30.110BAL-40
472363Territory Canyon Kings470303016TexturedPrefinishedn/a1.3845517.9 - 21.824.7 - 30.110BAL-40

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