Key Features

Fast to install with the option of gun-nail fixing.

Fast to install with tongue and groove joints on the long edges.

Durable polyurethane sealed fibre cement that’s resistant to permanent water damage.

Resistant to termite attack.

An advanced lightweight nailable tongue and groove fibre cement flooring. It installs to timber or lightweights steel joists and can be much faster than square edge fibre cement compressed sheet flooring.

Use Cemintel® Constructafloor® Internal for wet area floor construction like bathrooms, ensuites and laundries. Or use it for dry area flooring in living rooms, bedrooms etc.

For tiled balconies use Cosntructafloor External. For extra strength, the panels are reinforced with a fibreglass mesh on the underside.

They’re the fast to install next generation structural floor substrates taking over from traditional Compressed Fibre Cement (CFC) flooring.

Technical Information

Constructafloor Internal and External Information

Cemintel Construtafloor is a high strength, durable fibre cement structural flooring product range. There’s one product for exterior use and one for interior use. They come in different thicknesses to suit different joist spacing.

  • 19mm Construtafloor flooring panels span up to 450mm.
  • 22mm Constructafloor flooring panels span up to 600mm.

Constructfloor External.

When combined with a suitable waterproofing system, Constructafloor® External sheets can be covered with a selection of exterior finishes. These include ceramic tiles, synthetic turf, outdoor carpets, or trafficable paint finishes.

Constructafloor Internal.

Cemintel® Constructafloor® Internal flooring is a high strength, durable fibre cement interior structural flooring product. It can be for wet area applications finished with ceramic tiles. Or dry and non-wet area applications finished with tiles, carpet or vinyl flooring.

Constructafloor Range.

  • Constructafloor External: Suited to decks, balconies, verandas, and freshwater swimming pool surrounds. Features reinforcing mesh on the underside of the sheet.
  • Constructafloor Internal: Combine with a suitable waterproofing system for wet areas like bathrooms and laundries.

Constructafloor Product Specifications

Spacing (mm)
Effective Cover
Per Unit (m2)
Width (mm)
Per Unit
Warranty (Years)
115657Constructafloor Internal600270019SmoothPreprimedn/a1.6260025.541.3110n/a
193406Constructafloor Internal600240022SmoothPreprimedn/a1.4460028.641.1810n/a
115659Constructafloor External600270019SmoothPreprimedn/a1.6260025.541.3110n/a
193407Constructafloor External600240022SmoothPreprimedn/a1.4460028.641.1810n/a

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