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Key Features

The 7.5mm thick fibre cement weatherboard planks are easy hand cut using a hand guillotine or a score and snap knife.

The thin planks can be hand nailed or gun nailed.

Unlike timber, FC weatherboards won't crack, swell or warp which prevents paint cracking and requires less repainting.

Highly durable fibre cement that's resistant to termites, rot and permanent water damage.

Cemintel Smooth Plank is a small range of wide overlapping Fibre Cement (FC) weatherboards. Wide weatherboards cover more wall so there are fewer to install. These large FC weatherboards aren’t overly heavy because they’re less than half the thickness of Balmoral weatherboards.

In the early days of cellulose fibre cement, driving a nail through thick FC was difficult. As a result, product thickness was limited to less than 9 mm.

Fibre cement formulations have advanced over time. Contemporary weatherboards made from advanced fibre cement are up to 16mm thick. They benefit from a deep shadow line which gives walls depth, while still being nailable.

Smooth Plank Weatherboards are a familiar style of wall cladding that Australians have built with for decades. They’re a likely match for old homes which are being repaired, remodeled or extended.

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