Sydney Superyacht Marina with the raw look of Barestone

This is a development of strength and style clad in glass, timber and the Australian original - Cemintel Barestone.

Fitting in with a rugged, urban maritime setting, with structures like White Bay Power Station and ANZAC Bridge close by, the Sydney Superyacht Marina adds texture and flare to the foreshore, in line with Sydney's 'working harbour' push to create an inner-city maritime precinct.

The steel-framed structure is clad with glass and masonry at ground level, with Cemintel Barestone on the first floor and roofs. Barestone was selected for its gritty, raw concrete look, fitting the industrial aesthetic and creating a strong contrast to the timber ceiling lining. It was also a practical choice that worked for the construction, as concrete was far too heavy. The lightweight Barestone shell is suspended across the ground floor and deliberately overhangs and leans towards the water. Barestone is also very resilient. With large roads nearby, it needs to be able to handle dust and atmospheric pollution from passing traffic.

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Superyacht Marina enriches texture of Rozelle Bay