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Key Features

12mm thick flat faced board with a small arris on the bottom edge.

A nailing groove, for hand nailing or gun nailing, that's concealed in the board overlap.

Durable and resistant to rot, termites and permanent water damage.

Pre-primed in a pale-yellow primer to reduce paint use and painting time.

The Scarborough fibre cement weatherboard straddles contemporary and traditional home styles. The boards have a smooth surface and a flat face with no decorative rebates. The boards are 12mm thick and when
they overlap it creates a medium depth shadow line.

They sit in the middle of the Cemintel weatherboard range. Thicker, 16mm Balmoral Weatherboards, are more contemporary. Thinner, 10mm Headland weatherboards, which have a decorative groove and are more traditional.
Scarborough weatherboards are ideal for timber weatherboard cottage renovations. The old timber weatherboards on 1950s homes are likely to be warped, split, and rotted. Recladding workers cottages or suburban cottages in crisp, Scarborough fibre cement weatherboards gives facades a fresh, cared-for appearance.

Scarborough FC weatherboards welcome ornamentation and decorative details. Paint the weatherboards in a neutral colour and add contrasting white trims, verandah posts and fretwork around the top of a verandah.

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