Key Features

Install horizontally or vertically onto steel or timber stud framing or masonry/concrete using the ExpressWall top hat fixing system.

Withstands high wind loads up to 7.0 kPa when used with the Cemintel Rigid Air Barrier.

Design with confidence knowing the ExpressPanel Walling System is Codemark Certified CM20196.

Use where non-combustible materials are required in accordance with NCC Volume One clause C2D1 Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions (6) (d).

ExpressPanel cladding combined with the ExpressWall top hat system are a high-performance façade cladding solution for commercial and industrial buildings.

The Cemintel ExpressPanel is a 9mm thick compressed fibre cement sheet. It’s an external wall cladding that uses square edge panels and expressed joints to create  geometric designs.

Panels can be factory painted or site painted. Prompting design diversity, they accept a wide range of colours and coatings. High build, exterior grade acrylic paint or aggregate finishes provide the best results.

Technical Information

ExpressWall System Information

ExpressPanel exterior cladding comes factory sealed on the front side, back side and the edges. This makes it highly resistant to moisture. In fact, the system used to fix the panels to buildings is designed for exceptional moisture management.

The high-quality panels are installed as a Pressure Equalised Ventilated Cavity System which delivers high weather performance thanks to the clever ExpressWall fixing system.

Installation using the ExpressWall System

The ExpressWall top hat fixing system achieves a modern looking express jointed aesthetic. The cladding system is fast and economical to install.

This versatile and durable façade system is suitable for an extensive range of building types. Panels require drilling before being fixed to metal top hats using countersunk head screws. Gasket tape on vertical top hats provides added weather resistance. And a backing strip on horizontal joints reduces water ingress.

In a pressure equalised system, a cavity is created between the rigid air barrier and cladding panels. There are openings around the base and top of the façade. This allows pressure equalisation and creates air circulation and drainage. A drying action.

This system reduces the risk of moisture penetration, a key topic in the construction industry. It prevents moisture build up, allowing the building shell to dry out, creating a healthier, more breathable building.

Cladding options that use ExpressWall™ System

Prefinished Façade Cladding options that use the same ExpressWall™ System

  • Cemintel Baresone Range: a palette of 4 grey prefinished panels that provide the natural look of a mottled concrete finish.
  • Cemintel Surround Range: A palette of 16 colours and 5 neutrals in prefinished colour-through panels.

ExpressPanel Product Specifications

Spacing (mm)
Effective Cover
Per Unit (m2)
Width (mm)
Per Unit
Warranty (Years)

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