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Key Features

10 mm thick fun weatherboard with a rebated profile.

Notched shiplap joint for easy alignment.

Resistant to rot, termites and permanent water damage.

Gun-nailable, pre-primed and ready for painting.

Cemintel® Headland is a more traditional style fibre cement weatherboard which suits classic Australian homes like Queenslanders and suburban cottages. When timber weatherboards were in fashion, many years ago, they featured decorative profiles with chamfers, rebates and beads machined into them.

Cemintel Headland weatherboards are 10 mm thick and feature a horizontal linear rebate (groove). Firstly, it gives a traditional ornamental detail. Secondly, the groove lines up with the bottom of the board above to cleverly deepen the shadow line giving the appearance of a thicker weatherboard.

Durable Headland fibre cement weatherboards are an external cladding which suits older homes with sash windows and decorative timber window mouldings.

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