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Key Features

Smooth finish panels for exterior paint or textured aggregate finishes.

Brad nail fixing minimizes surface disruption and patching.

“Cladding will not rot, burn or corrode and is unaffected by termites, air, steam, salt and sunlight” (installation guide p3)

Pre-primed face, back with black sealer on the sides.

Mosaic is an architectural cladding style made from many pieces and arranged in precise geometric patterns. It’s a style commonly used for retail and office buildings and considered too expensive for residential detached home construction. Thankfully, Mosaic cladding uses a more cost-effective system.

The beautifully smooth 8 mm thick square edge Cemintel® Mosaic panels come in sizes which are 10 mm short of conventional panel sizes. This allows for an expressed joint with a 10 mm gap surrounding or framing each panel.

The architectural style is undoubtably modern. Designers pare back designs to the basic elements of roof line, window style and geometric cladding panel arrangement.

Mosaic is more than a cladding panel. It requires a cavity cladding system which includes vertical cavity battens and horizontal backing strips.

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