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Key Features

Superior strength and durability from lightweight 9mm thick compressed fibre cement panels.

Coated with Ceminseal® for water block technology and a secondary coating to minimize colour fade.

Design with confidence. CodeMark Certified CM20198.

They can be used where non-combustible materials are required. As per the National Construction Code.

Barestone cladding is prefinished and ready to install. As opposed to painted on site.

Barestone Lunar cladding is a sophisticated blend of cool grey and dark grey undertones. The colour palette of the moon’s lunar surface. Being pre-finished in transparent coatings makes the mottled concrete finish of the fibre cement visible and compelling.

This makes for sophisticated façade designs and dramatic internal feature walls.

Barestone exterior prefinished cladding panels are sealed on all sides to prevent water getting into the panels. The fibre cement cladding incorporates Cemintel’s unique Ceminseal® water block technology for added weather resistance and durability. Plus, they’re prefinished in a second coating to minimize colour fade.

Barestone interior panels have a different coating. It’s a stain resistant coating to combat household items such as oils, wine, and food.

The panels are colour-through. Which means the colour goes right through the panels rather than on a top layer. It comes from a manufacturing process where pigment is added to the fibre cement slurry before it’s made into panels.

Technical Information

Barestone Lunar Cladding Installation

External Installation

There are two exterior cladding systems, one for commercial buildings and one for detached homes.

  • Commercial buildings. Use the versatile Commercial ExpressWall® top hat fixing system. It creates a Pressure Equalized Ventilated Cavity System to enhance weather resistance and moisture management.
  • Detached homes. Use a conventional and cost-effective practice of installing the panels onto timber battens.

Internal Installation

Fix panels to timber, non-structural light gauge steel framing, masonry, concrete, and other suitable substrates in two ways.

  • Concealed fixing. Adhesive products are used to install to timber or steel studs.
  • Exposed fasteners. Exposed head screws or Barestone rivets can be used on steel studs.

For peace of mind, Barestone Original is CodeMark Certified CM20198. Panels can be used whenever a non-combustible material is required by NCC2022 Clause C2D10 (6)(d) [NCC2019: C1.9 (e)(iv)].

The Barestone wall system can achieve a Bushfire Attack Level of up to BAL40 when constructed in accordance with Australian Standard AS3959 and Cemintel’s design and installation guides.

Barestone Lunar Product Specifications

Spacing (mm)
Effective Cover
Per Unit (m2)
Width (mm)
Per Unit
Warranty (Years)
193220Barestone Lunar External120024009SmoothPrefinishedn/a2.88120017.851.2610BAL-40
193222Barestone Lunar External120030009SmoothPrefinishedn/a3.6120017.864.0810BAL-40
457043Barestone Lunar Internal120030009SmoothPrefinishedn/a3.6120017.864.0810BAL-40

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