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Key Features

Ceminseal Wallboard can be fixed to either timber or steel frames.

Ceminseal Wallboard features an embedded water block technology that prevents water from penetrating the sheet.

High adhesive properties provide an excellent substrate for tiled finishes.

Cemintel fibre cement sheets can be used where non-combustible material is required, in accordance with the NCC Volume One clause C2D1 Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions and Vol. 2 H3D2 (1)(d).

Cemintel Ceminseal® Wallboard is a fibre cement internal lining that comes in two formats. One is recessed on the long edges for flush jointing. The other has square edges for express joints and butt joints.

It’s a superior wet area lining designed and tested for compliance and peace of mind.  Not only does the fibre cement resist damage from water, the Ceminseal coating with water block technology repels water. The result is higher water resistance than other products on the market.

Wallboard Products

Ceminseal Wallboard

Recessed Edge:

Ideal for wet areas and high impact areas like corridors. It has recesses on both long edges so sheets may be taped and set with CSR Gyprock® and Cemintel jointing materials. Once joined the boards may be tiled, painted or wall papered.

Square Edge:

Use for butt joints and express joint ceilings in applications like industrial awnings, car park canopies and high-rise balconies. Install with an expressed joint backing strip accessory. Alternatively, boards can be installed with a PVC H mould.

Ceminseal Wallboard Product Information

Bathrooms are the most common room for defects resulting in builder callbacks. The principle behind Ceminseal Wallboard is to provide effective products that help trades complete the job properly the first time.

The robustness of fibre cement also makes it a suitable lining for the construction of impact resistant walls in high traffic areas like corridors.

The smoothness of Ceminseal Wallboard means less work preparing internal linings for a painted finish.

The fibre cement sheets come in 6mm, 9mm and 12mm thicknesses. 6mm is generally used in residential houses. 9 and 12mm thicknesses are used in commercial applications.

Recessed sheets are typically laid horizontally so the long edges are concealed by flush jointing. The short edges are butt joined with sheets staggered at 600mm offsets.

Ceminseal Wallboard can be used in accordance with the Australian Standard AS3740 for “Waterproofing of wet areas within residential buildings”. Wet areas are rooms within a building supplied by a water system and include bathrooms, showers, laundries and toilets. Cemintel Wet Area Living Systems offer proven, reliable and cost-effective solutions to all residential wet areas. Refer to the Wet Area Systems Design and Installation Guide for details.

Ceminseal Wallboard Product Specifications

Spacing (mm)
Effective Cover
Per Unit (m2)
Width (mm)
Per Unit
Warranty (Years)
95826Ceminseal Wallboard Recessed 6mm90030006SmoothPreprimedn/a2.79009.425.3825
95827Ceminseal Wallboard Recessed 6mm120018006SmoothPreprimedn/a2.1612009.420.325
95828Ceminseal Wallboard Recessed 6mm120024006SmoothPreprimedn/a2.8812009.427.0725
95829Ceminseal Wallboard Recessed 6mm120027006SmoothPreprimedn/a3.2412009.430.4625
95830Ceminseal Wallboard Recessed 6mm120030006SmoothPreprimedn/a3.612009.433.8425
95841Ceminseal Wallboard Recessed 6mm120036006SmoothPreprimedn/a4.3212009.440.6125
95842Ceminseal Wallboard Recessed 6mm120042006SmoothPreprimedn/a5.0412009.447.3825
95843Ceminseal Wallboard Recessed 6mm135024006SmoothPreprimedn/a3.2413509.430.4625
95844Ceminseal Wallboard Recessed 6mm135030006SmoothPreprimedn/a4.0513509.438.0725
95845Ceminseal Wallboard Recessed 6mm135036006SmoothPreprimedn/a4.8613509.445.6825
95846Ceminseal Wallboard Recessed 6mm135042006SmoothPreprimedn/a5.6713509.453.325
95847Ceminseal Wallboard Recessed 9mm120024009SmoothPreprimedn/a2.8812001440.3225
95848Ceminseal Wallboard Recessed 9mm120027009SmoothPreprimedn/a3.2412001445.3625
95849Ceminseal Wallboard Recessed 9mm120030009SmoothPreprimedn/a3.612001450.425
95825Ceminseal Wallboard Recessed 12mm1200300012SmoothPreprimedn/a3.6120018.867.6825
95850Ceminseal Wallboard Square 6mm120024006SmoothPreprimedn/a2.8812009.427.0725
95851Ceminseal Wallboard Square 6mm120027006SmoothPreprimedn/a3.2412009.430.4625
95852Ceminseal Wallboard Square 6mm120030006SmoothPreprimedn/a3.612009.433.8425
95861Ceminseal Wallboard Square 6mm120036006SmoothPreprimedn/a4.3212009.440.6125
95862Ceminseal Wallboard Square 9mm120027009SmoothPreprimedn/a3.2412001445.3625
95863Ceminseal Wallboard Square 9mm120030009SmoothPreprimedn/a3.612001450.425

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